Question about cannonbal on arcade up coin-op

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Question about cannonbal on arcade up coin-op

Postby Marcoqwerty » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:37 pm


First thank for the autor for this amaziong restored game.

I want to put this game on my arcade upright machine, but i found some issue on that.

- First i can configure properly the gear because my original gear its setup to ONE SWITCH could be useful reverse the MANUAL 1 GEAR OPTION because et the moment when i move down the gear (HI POS) i have the LOW gear in the game...and viceversa

- Second i dont have understand how grab the JOY Y AXIS of the ACCELERATOR POT, the analog wheel works good! i can use the swich (yes i have both in the pedal but the acceleration increase too low)

Anyone can help me? (sry for my bad english)

Thank you!!!
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